Clean Ass Backcountry Swabs

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Fucking billions of cotton swabs get discarded in the US every year. We started noticing them on nature's floor more often than we used to... so we are doing something about it.

Introducing GTFO's CLEAN ASS BACKCOUNTRY SWABS. Reusable as fuck... 4000 uses per case to be precise! Every case comes with swabs, each boasting two unique 1000 use silicone tips. Use them to clean your ears, use them to clean your gear, use them on sensitive skin, use them on the road. Perfect for camping, travel, hiking, photography, and backpacking.

Our CLEAN ASS BACKCOUNTRY SWABS are made entirely of premium grade, super soft silicone–derived from all natural silica sand. The softness of the silicone tips is much safer for your ears, your eyes, and your precious gear than cotton. Cotton strands can get caught in your ear canal, on your face, or on your gear/electronics.

The retractable carrying case is reusable for countless other things once you discard the swabs after their lifetime is up.

$1 per case sold is donated to preserve and protect the outdoor experience

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