Bug Repelling Soap Bar - 4oz

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Keep the Earth Clean, Keep Your Ass Clean with our CLEAN ASS BACKCOUNTRY Soap & Shampoo Bars.

100% Biodegradable. Earth Friendly. Handmade. Cold-Pressed.


Meet your new best adventure friend!! Both activated charcoal and tea tree oil are known to soothe small abrasions (and bites), something all too common in the backcountry. Additionally, bugs really hate the lovely scent of tea tree. So the goal here is to make the bugs really not like YOU. Use it before, during, or after adventures to clean your ass up. Especially magical for face washing.

Four ounces, good for about 80 full body washes. Plastic free plantable seed packaging. Loofa bag included.

Ingredients: olive oil, canola oil, castor oil, sodium hydroxide, water, mineral colorants, activated charcoal, tea tree oil

You already know that we believe in putting earth first, but we also truly believe in putting you first as well. This is another huge reason why we believe in bullshit free ingredient lists. No fillers, no preservatives, no chemicals. Additionally, we don't harm animals or their environments. No testing on animals, no animal byproducts, no habitat destruction.

The ingredients differ between our hair and body bars. While our shampoo bars will clean the body up nicely, our body bars will not leave your hair looking or feeling nice.

$2 per bar sold is donated to preserve and protect the outdoor experience

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