Silicone Backcountry Bag

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Fucking billions of plastic baggies get discarded in the US every year. We started noticing how we–and everyone we know–use them for literally everything. Especially when it comes to packing for adventures. We knew we had to do something.

Introducing GTFO's SILICONE BACKCOUNTRY BAGS. Reusable as fuck. Say goodbye to single use plastic bags in the outdoors (and hopefully the kitchen) forever. These bags are food safe, freezable, cookable, liquid tight, and pack down to the size a fruit roll up when not in use. Once the locking lid is snapped closed, nothing gets in or out.

Our SILICONE BACKCOUNTRY BAGS are made of premium grade silicone–derived from all natural silica sand. Safe for food and soft for gear.  Use them for snacks, use them for gear/ storage, use them to cook with, use them as a dry bag (they float). The possibilities are endless!  We even left the F-word off the them so that those of you with kids can teach then about single use plastic.

  • 100% Premium Grade Silicone
  • Safe Safe & Non-toxic
  • Locking Liquid Tight Top
  • Made to Stand Upright
  • Measuring Cup on One Side
  • Dishwasher & Microwave Safe
  • Endlessly Reusable
  • Incredibly Packable

$2 per bag sold is donated to preserve and protect the outdoor experience

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