GTFO Retro Muscle Tee in Stone


Most modern day humans spend 90% of their time indoors. Ninety. Percent.

We are here to change that. We will not be the “Indoor Generation.” We will maintain a connection with the natural world. We will feel the warm sun on our face and let the cool breeze tickle our skin. We will smell the fresh mountain air and sway to the crickets’ nighttime songs. We will hike the rolling hills and see the spectacular ocean cliffs and bear witness to the natural circle of life.

It’s time to Go The Fuck Outside.

Wear this rallying cry across your chest, loud and proud and uncensored. With a nice tonal print, the GTFO Retro Muscle Tee in Stone is perfect for anyone who prefers a more subtle look.

  • Flowy muscle tee fit
  • Soft poly/viscose fabric blend
  • High-low raw-edge hem
  • Rolled cuff sleeves
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