California. Oregon. Washington. Colorado.

Four states have been absolutely *devastated* by wild and forest fires this season with a combined multimillion acres burned. Nearly 5 million acres have burned in California alone–roughly 4% of the land in the state. And now Colorado is dealing with its two worst fires in history. At the same time.

We revamped our best selling campfire logo to make it more campfire safety friendly given the times we are finding ourselves in. It is more important than ever to practice campfire safety given the warming/drying climate paired with how many people are going the fuck outside.

 We are sending $5 per t-shirt to the American Red Cross to help those affected by the Western & Colorado Wildfires. The Red Cross will best allocate the funds to where they are needed most. The Red Cross will continue to need to donations for the rest of the year. Please consider donating to them directly if you have the money.

Our shirts contain no virgin polyester, because FUCK climate change.